This page gives you more information about the people who make GCstar. As this project is based on GCfilms, you may read also the page listing people who were involved in this project.

For feature request, bug report or any kind of support, please use the available forums.

Active developers and contributers

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Christian Jodar (Tian)

Project creator and maintainer, he is also the main developer.

Nyall Dawson (Zombiepig)

Developer of new features, plugins and types of collection.

Adolfo González

Adolfo works on the Debian and Ubuntu integration of GCstar. He also made some changes in code and is the maintainer for the spanish translation.


Developer of several plugins used to download information from websites.


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Logo and webdesign by le Spektre

Collective made of freelance designers, offering their know-how to non-lucrative entities and to human-size companies.


| (Top) |


Andreiy Guseletov

Christian Jodar (Tian)

Glentadakis Dimitri


Mario Tomić

Muhammad Bashir Al-Noimi

Ponç J. Llaneras

Tomáš Klimek

Wojciech Giemza

Yuda Nugrahadi (Yuda)


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This section lists people who made some donations to GCstar and who agreed being listed here.


David Weinehall



klaus e. werner ("kewerner")



Mihai Neascu


Paco Velenero

Peter Bohland

Radu Milcoveanu

Steve Katona

Stian Jordet

Vincent Merlet

Previous contributers

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One of the very first users of GCfilms, MeV made most of the plugins used to import information from websites for movies. These plugins have been converted to GCstar.


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Last but not least, the GCstar's mascot is Péri. You may see it on this website and in the application. It is a blue periscope that has been created by le Spektre.

Should you have a problem using GCstar, you can open a bug report or request some support on GCstar forums.